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ROLLCUT WR55 SL (140cm/55in.)

It is simple and easy to load....

ROLLCUT WR61 SL (157cm/62in.)

A perfect alignment between prints is given by the new optical Fotoba cut marks sensors system.

ROLLCUT WR75 SL (190cm/75in.)

The ideal configuration of 4 slicing units allows handling of two poster at time.

Demo Video


LOW-RES video (approx 1,6MB) 

NOTE: to view both video you need QuickTime Player 7.0

The WIDE ROLLCUT 55/61/75 SL series has the ability to cut on both X and Y axes

While the machine is feeding at the overall transport speed of 10 meters per minute, up to 8 motorized slicing units (at Custome’s option), easily positioned anywhere across the width, cut the media vertically. The horizontal blade will cut across the media producing several trimmed images perfectly square

The units can handle numerous types of media material with a maximum thickness of 0,5 mm (500micron) including Polycarbonates, Laminates and Encapsulated media, Photo Paper, Vinyl, Sticky Back Vinyl, PVC, Inkjet and Electrostatic Plotters media, Graphic Arts Film, Duratrans and much more.

The software and the slicing units manual positioning system allow an easy handling of different sized formats within the same roll.

Characteristics: Maximum cutting thickness 0,5mm/0.02in Excellent visibility on the cutting line.
Programmable double cut Channels to store frequently used sizes
Programmable length Channels to store frequently used cut marks
Footswitch or keyboard operated Stepper motor driven
Accuracy 1 mm / 1/25 in Maximum roll length 280 ft / 85 m
Self sharpening rotary blade Double edge fix blade
Rapid and easy loading Optical automatic alignment
WR Cutters Specifications: Model Max width cm/in Max roll m/ft. Net weight Gross weight Dimensions (cm.) Shipping Dim. (cm.)
WR55 (SL4) 140/55 80/275 56 84 217x49x25h 224x56x56h
WR61 (SL4) 157/62 80/275 76 110 233x49x25h 292x56x56h
WR75 (SL4) 190/75 80/275 96 130 267x49x25h 292x56x56h
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